by Nate Henricks

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despite my superstition i took the graveyard road. the omens explanation was my dues were over owed. and once i started toward that empty naked city i heard a secret in a grove of holly trees. i'm never going back to where i've been before unless i know for sure that weight won't disagree with me. i'll always be the gadfly. a hundred years from now i'll look into your mad eyes and ask you when and how. i never meant to disrespect that wild city dream and when i left i realized nothing's what it seems. when the wild flower patches lead you past the stone can you foretell that going out from distant places leads you to your own?
i read it on the internet the cyclops wasn't getting fed so you and i were sacrificed for the coming attraction. get those black carpets out prepare for disaster and drought they always sign the documents with invisible ink. all the cool kids hanging out clearly know what its all about but half of them arent really all that cool. every mother fucker has his day but all the kids with half stack amps will have the final say. we dont even get free beer whats say we get out of here, come back for our set, and boo the silent stage i wanna see this place burned down by all the meth heads hanging round, actually i take that back i dont wish that on anyone every rotten bastard has his day but all the kids with half stack amps will have the final say
i turned into a fish and swam right through the entrance where the spinning door turns water into jet streams. nobody would tell me what the giant flipswitch was for. i turned into a human and walked down the street where an outdoor festival was happening nobody would tell me what the occasion was. but i got a case of beer now and i'm pretty sure that this beer is magic as i drink to the allusion of life and death the maggots in the coffee pot gave me coffee breath so i turned into a maggot i turned into a butterfly and then i turned back into a maggot either nobody spoke to me or i couldnt hear human words got smashed in a windshield of a car hows that for your collection of prestige? it doesnt matter who you are it takes a mortal to believe in anything and i believe for some reason that i should listen to my inner voice yea but who am i to belive that my navigation system is better than a moth flying into the flame? when nobody can tell me how to achieve the impossible
Dead Malls 01:44
spray paint can exploded left me neon orange and without their permission there's magic in the moment three floors of standing water trash collecting in the spider webs seedlings in between the broken escalator steps in the dead malls of our parents dreams we don't need a reason to be shitheads we know what this sorrow brings and i'm not buying what you're trying to sell me heres to that broken promise destructed and deserted and if i end up like this i know that i deserved it
in the land of opportunity parent teach their children to keep up with the sports cars speeding down the fast lane and if you don't cut in line, someone else will and if you start to lose your mind just take another pill yes sir! REQUISITION! Take everything from me!
you gave me a horse shoe and a bright blue rabbits foot in some kind of performance with a lemon in your hat the birds took off with ribbons on their wings and the wifi network's name was halleluiah, the concert people came. it rained for several weeks, they cried while you danced in your inflatable coat, when the ice caps melt you'll be alright you'll float i take it as a sign that i should loose my mind at night in summertime i wrote you a letter saying that you for that gift, you helped me on my way and that was just the lift i need it the future is arranged and if i follow suit it leaves me feeling strange because of knowing you while you dance in your inflatable coat...
my dream last night was just a bunch of meaningless words all jumbled together and then i realized that i was still awake from the day before it was weird i fell asleep awake and i baked you a cake i put it on your trampoline we went down to the river where the little fish were jumping for seven bugs an hour and the sun set on your souvenir and the curtain closed on my inner ear like a photograph flash in an empty bowling alley where the giant leaves hang down from the lights where the bats and snakes come right up to your eye where the rising flame spells your name in the sky. it was the worst kind of curse that made us do it, was the sound of the die going down with the dial turned to ten that got me through it. she left a piece of gum on the edge of the table, but i didnt chew it. and the trash hanging in the tree looks like a giant bird- its a drage but its alright. i'm so fucking tired of all you scumbags trying to make me toe the line, trying to make me play dead. when the tables turn its gonna fill your mind with guilt when it comes back around to you.
Dissolute Fragmentary Artifacts, Randomly Generated Landscapes Metastisize the break through: Rearrange the excess; DUMBFOUNDMENTATION
who really knows whats really happening right now out there? for an animal you've got a human like effigy and the bucket list that you left behind is gonna someday come back to you with some peace of mind. maybe its just you working through your dice roll strategy we're breaking down the wall, shooting beams right through the dark, reflecting off the mirrors that we broke what bad luck got me here? (???) the blink of an eye happens faster than the blink of an eye, you laugh too hard, you cry, how can you say the body never goes away?
you were dressed up like death in a black hooded gown, nobody saw you sneaking around. so i followed your path back beyond the old grange where you disappeared and everything got strange. 13 minutes on the lam when the rain came down and the water broke the dam. the chicken wouldnt cross the street. the wheel doesnt turn if you dont give it the grease I dont wanna go downtown anymore I saw you go in to the five and dime store and i saw you come out with a giant plastic dinosaur and you bit off its tail right there on the street and the blood gushed out and it washed my feet. i fell and hit my head on the ground a couple passers by stopped and gathered around they said, "its fifteen minutes till the show" "you better get up cause it might be your time to go I dont wanna go downtown anymore


Written and Recorded by Nate Henricks July-September 2015


released September 28, 2015


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Nate Henricks Peoria, Illinois

Thanks for listening and supporting my work, friends.

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