by Nate Henricks

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deicide in texas deicide in minnesota deicide in florida deicide in greenville
sometimes i die when i see that ghost and you can't run away cause your body is broke and the little ones cry and the old ones just watch in their own detached ways from having looked on too much and when that storm comes i'll be no more sorry than i ever was sometimes i die and the silver cord shows and the camera pulls back and its just a big joke and the audience laughs and the wind starts to blow shadows turn the sky black and then the credits roll i'm not here. i'm not here!
snitches in the alley hunched behind a dumpster, very last night of the legion hall shows; too much dumb behavior, too much broken equipment, no more shows at the legion hall, no stink bomb the women's bathroom, sneak out through the back room, the crowd just lets you pass through but that one guy almost had you and he tried to pin you down and he got you on the ground but Sheena sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher and the band played on in reckless youthful rage, everybody lost their shit, and we tore apart the stage: Another little sentimental riot, old places, i only wanna see it in the dark people only wanna rut around in cages and never wanna be the broken heart
it won't slow down some float, some drown it doesn't make sense it just leaves you stoned like a monument. let the episode play cause the same thing happened to me yesterday its like its calling my name, in the final scene the memories just fade away in all the raw mysteries i never really noticed that it followed me i did it all just for the halcyonic prophesy once it gets in your brain you can guarantee the making of a different pain it doesn't matter much to me what little bit of difference that your fates can make cause in a televised cage when you fall asleep you walk across the very same stage so your stuck inside the frame and the only channel left is a close up of your face they clone you so they own you by a different name
destination: nowhere current location: nowhere and you don't know your place cause you aint got no name and you don't know your face cause you aint got no brain and your don't know your place cause you aint got no brain drop out of the race there's nothing left to gain It can take you to some real weird places if you let it fall apart if you let it fall apart


NEON FOR NO ONE was written and recorded by me from 2013-2014 at

2532 Ogden St. Denver CO,
Centaur Farms, Sandy Mush NC,
Lane's End Homestead, Brasstown, NC,
in Lawrence KS.
I'm very honored to have this work (Album # 15!!!) released on cassette by CRASH SYMBOLS! Have you checked them out?

Dead Fox Waltz features a whole bunch of audio recordings from my video camera and shoebox cassette recorder from Greenville IL days (2009-2010?):
Voices you might be able to pick out might include T Robinson, Dav Timm, Dave Laws, Josh Sheppard, and Dustin Kent.
It also includes bits from my work-study residence at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.
And a lot of unexplainable frequencies.

Thank you Angie, Dan, Mal, Dwight, Liz, Matt Sage, Tiffanie Sage, and ALL YOU GUYS.


released May 20, 2014

Tape design and production: Crash Symbols




Nate Henricks Peoria, Illinois

Thanks for listening and supporting my work, friends.

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